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5 for freedom


42% reached of total of €500

The year 2020 has had a life-changing impact on our lives. The past months have seen their fair share in major historic events such as the coronavirus outbreak, Black Lives Matter social movement, Belarus peaceful protests to name only a few. It has also posed new challenges to the exercise of human rights in different parts across the globe. After all, this year has definitely proven to us how important the freedom of expression is under all those different circumstances; it was, however, challenged in various ways as well. As 2020 is coming to an end, we encourage you to take action with us on this matter, therefore we are launching a fundraising campaign to support those whose freedom of expression was threatened and promote the recognition of its importance. What can you do? Within this fundraising campaign, the focus is on 5 cases from different continents. Help us reach our goal by expressing your freedom 5 times, or in 5 different ways, and by donating 5 euros (or more). Join our campaign and increase awareness in your own social circle, using the #shareyourfreedom #5forfreedom. Take a stand, speak up, and become an inspiration to others!